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3 things you left out of your Marketing Plan

3 things you left out of your Marketing Plan

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When you created your marketing plan for your business, hopefully you either had some guidance on what should have been included through a consultant or research, or you hired someone to help you create your marketing plan. Either way it is important to make sure these 3 mandatory details did not get left out of your marketing plan.

The Big Picture

One of the most common misconceptions about a marketing plan is that one strategy in the plan is the key to the entire success. I am always reminding my clients that marketing is a lot of little pieces working together to achieve one goal, just like a car. A car has a lot of moving parts and pieces but if one thing breaks down it can cause the entire car to stop working. This can just as easily happen to a marketing plan. If you leave out the big picture and focus on only one thing then your vehicle may not move, or it might move very slowly. Your marketing plan should encompass more than one avenue and they should all be working together, i.e., your social media marketing should be connected to your email marketing, which will drive traffic to your website, which is also connected to your social media. Everything should be working together.

One Brand

Having a consistent brand, including one consistent image, is a very important key in marketing anything. If it takes one person to see your brand 13 times before they begin to recognize it then you definitely want to make sure every person sees the same brand every time. This includes the photos on your social media platforms, the images on your website, one logo on your marketing materials, etc. Have one brand, one consistent image or logo, and one consistent message that comes across in all of your marketing materials.

Dedicate One Day

Being a business owner, or a manager, means you are always busy. Your biggest enemy is time because you never seem to have enough of it. Because of time limitations you have to prioritize your tasks and a lot of the “in-house tasks” get pushed down or to the side and sometimes never seem to get done. I have found personally that if I don’t dedicate one day a week to ONLY “in-house cleaning” then I will never get those tasks done. This might be creating my newsletter, writing a blog, paperwork, bookkeeping, catching up on emails, etc. Dedicating a day to getting these things done could be the best thing you can do for your business!

If you need help creating your business plan or revising it, give us a call! We’re happy to offer you some guidance with our free consultation and our services.

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