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Scatterwork – Switzerland

Scatterwork – Switzerland

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Nixx Media has been working with Scatterwork, a Consultancy Firm based in Switzerland, for over 6 months and have seen great results! We are currently managing all of their social media platforms, managing their blog, and other various marketing consultancy services. We are also in the process of assisting Scatterwork with major website changes which we expect to significantly impact their results!

Scatterwork supports clients globally to develop solutions to get the best out of their Virtual Project Teams. Virtual Teams are today’s norm for projects and bring big advantages, but they also need active management to compensate for the distributed locations. The unifying thread to success is enhancing the skills of the team as a whole, e.g. by using Scatterwork Virtual Project Management Workshops. Even at short notice, these can deliver most of the benefits of face to face meetings, while you avoid all the travel-related hassle and costs. You can learn more about Scatterwork here.

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