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Rachel Joyce Organic Salon – Washington, D.C.

Rachel Joyce Organic Salon – Washington, D.C.

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Nixx Media currently manages the social media marketing for Rachel Joyce Organic Salon. We have created an effective marketing campaign that not only caters to driving foot traffic and new clients into their salon, but also website traffic to their eCommerce website where they sell amazing organic hair products.

In only 9 months we were able to take RJS’s average 5,000 website visitors per month to an average of 9,000 website visitors per month. That’s an almost 90% increase! We increased their social media traffic contribution from 9% to 22%. We decreased their bounce rate from 27% to currently 13%, proving that we are successfully reaching their target market.

Inspiration for the salon’s name came from Rachel and Joyce who were both wives, mothers, sisters and strong women who lost their battle to breast cancer. Most of us know that Cancer is a serious disease and studies show that one can reduce their chances of acquiring the disease by taking the “Organic” route. This means incorporating more natural and Eco-friendly alternatives in our lives, if available.

MISSION STATEMENT: At Rachel Joyce Organic Salon we take pride in our high quality non-toxic hair and skin products, Eco-friendly equipment and styling tools. Our goal is not only to provide exceptional beauty services and products to our guests, but also to reduce our carbon footprint one step at a time.

Learn more about Rachel Joyce Organic Salon here.

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