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Divinity Inspection Service – Tampa, FL

Divinity Inspection Service – Tampa, FL

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Divinity Inspection Services

is a Tampa Bay based home inspection company that brings over 30 years of inspection experience to their customers. Not only does Divinity pride themselves on their excellent service, efficient inspections, and thorough detial; their main goals is making sure they exceed their customers’ expectations! You can tell they leave all of their customers happy but the great reviews they have! Check them out here!

The owner for Divinity, Ludwig Maxwell, hired Nixx Media to increase his brand recognition in the Tampa Bay and surrounding areas through Social Media Marketing. Our strategy was focused on increasing his customer reviews on Google, expanding his local footprint, and expanding his company’s business. We are pleased to say we were successful on all fronts and Ludwig’s company continues to grow thanks to his dedication to his customers’ satisfaction and his passion for his work. We are excited to have this close relationship with all of our clients that allow us to see how our effort contributes to the growth of his company! See more about his company here!

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