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Client Testimonials

Below are testimonials from our amazing clients, some of whom we have worked with in the past, some we work with now and some we have worked with for many years.
Sincere & Honest
“I highly recommend Nixx Media for all your marketing and social media. I hired her to help me with my social media and things I needed for my company. Nicole knew exactly what was best for me. She is sincere and honest.”
Highly Recommended
“We have been using Nixx Media for about a year and a half and highly recommend their services. Nixx Media does our marketing, social media, and manages our website. In fact, they built our website from the ground up, and we have had consistently good analytics and traffic and are... Read More
Awesome Job
“Nixx Media did an awesome job helping with all of my Social Media needs. Nicole has great communication, and was able to help grow my social media presence tremendously. I highly recommend them!”
Beyond What I Expected
“Nixx-Media provided my new business with a professional website, advice, and marketing. The turn-a-around time was exceptional, and my experience with Nixx-Media was beyond what I had expected. I look forward to working with Nixx-Media again in the future. Thank you for all of your hard work Nicole! Everything looks... Read More
Great Company
“Great company and service and fair pricing. Nicole is friendly and knowledgeable and fast response to the needs of their clients. I give Nixx Media the highest rating.”
Wonderful to work with
“Nixx Media has been a Godsend for my business, Go Beyond Your Dreams. Nicole provided me with social media training and even Power Point training, all of which has tremendously helped my business. And Nicole is working with me to create the PR program I need. She makes things so... Read More
Very Professional
“Nixx Media exclusively handles NCP’s social media strategy, content and marketing. It is very refreshing to hand things off to a professional who has a clear understanding of, great tools for, and a passion for getting your company message, image and value across the ever so popular social media platforms.... Read More
Authentic Feel
“Nixx Media has very varied commercial experience as well as the authentic feel of the younger generation for Social Media. If you need an expert in Social Media Marketing, then Nixx Media is much to be recommended. Her results speak for themselves.”
Very Instrumental
“Nixx Media has been very instrumental in moving Divinity Inspection service to new level, with their borrowed knowledge in diversification and proven strategies, they know how to solve your dilemma. Nixx Media has set unheard of standards with Google, Twitter, FB plus many more! Thanks to them the company has... Read More
Genuine Customization
““Nixx Media taught me how to drive traffic to my website, and custom designed a Marketing and Social Media Strategy for my specific business. Nicole Williams took the time to patiently understand my needs so we could create a whole new consistent brand. Perhaps the best part of working with... Read More

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