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WordPress Website Development

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Your website is almost always the first impression your business will give to a prospective client or customer. Your website hosts basically your entire online presence since it is connected with your social media, your SEO, your blog, your products, etc. An online presence has multiple components and our goal is to analyze your online presence, if you have one, to make sure it is working together and not against each other. Are all of your brands across all online platforms consistent? Is your website mobile optimized? Are your social media platforms connected to your website? Or do you need a website?

online marketing


Nixx Media will take the time to analyze your digital footprint or create a strategy to give your business a digital footprint. This directly impacts your ranking on search engines like Google. This is how your customers will find you, and in some cases, contact you or make purchases. After completing our research we present you with a full report with our recommendations to create an impactful digital footprint for your business.

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What makes you special:

Every brand and company has a unique digital footprint. You might be surprised where your business shows up, sometimes in places you never knew. That should never be the case. We will create a WordPress website that is unique to your business and your brand. In addition, your website will be built around your business and marketing goals.

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