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For Your Start-Up Business

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Congratulations on your new start-up business! You have an idea, you have a business plan (hopefully) and now you need to build a marketing plan. Most start-ups initially concentrate on funding, partners or sales. Our focus is to create a digital marketing plan around your top priority.  If you need help understanding the best strategic way to target your market for your new start-up business, then this is the service for you.

start-up business


Strategic planning using market research is the first step in creating your digital marketing plan. In cohesion with your business plan, the digital marketing plan will assist your new start-up to hit the ground running. At Nixx Media we would love to help you create this plan from beginning to end. We will do all your market research and present you with a report that details the research, along with an action plan so you can get moving. This is a full, all-in-one strategic digital marketing plan that touches each digital platform that would reach your market. That could be social media, a website, google ads, etc.

start-up business

What makes you special:

You know your business is unique. We know that too! That is why we take the time to create a digital plan to match your exclusive business. Start with our free 30-minute consultation so we can find out if we’re a good fit to work with you.

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