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At Nixx Media all of our work is data driven. This is one of the key differences that we believe make us different and make our digital marketing strategy so successful. We don’t “guess” what might work and what won’t, we don’t “guess” what your demographic is, WE KNOW!

At Nixx Media our goal is to find and give you exactly the digital marketing services you are looking for that will grow your small business. We believe strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients are key to offering the best services for your company. Allow us to help you decide if we are the right company for you or which services you need to meet your goals by scheduling a FREE consultation with us now! We want to see your small business grow and we want to grow with you!

Since most of the work we do is virtual we are able to offer our digital marketing services locally, nationally, and internationally. We work with your time zone, research the audience you are trying to reach in your region, and create tailored plans for you; no matter where you are in the world! We also offer virtual coaching and seminars.

NEW! to Nixx Media

Nixx Media now offers a social media online training course for small business owners. If you want to take control of your social media marketing strategy while also managing everything yourself, this is for you. In this online training course we will show you how to build a social media strategy for your business and create a streamlined process so you can manage it all yourself, in as little as one hour a week. Find out more!

Our services include:

digital marketing for start-ups
social media marketing
market research Tampa
wordpress website
social media coaching

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