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The Importance of having a brand

The Importance of having a brand

On March 11, 2019, Posted by , In Marketing Strategy

I think some business owners have heard the statement “having a brand is important”. Branding is such an important element of any business. So important that there are people dedicated to only helping a business create and build their brand. But why? Why is this so important?

What is your brand?

If you have a business then you have a brand. Your brand could be the name, like Macy’s or Nordstroms or Tiffany & Co. Or your brand could be a symbol of your business, like Tiffany & Co’s little blue box. You can use a color, a tagline or an icon. It really doesn’t matter what you use, it matters that you use it consistently.

When implementing your brand, here are a few places to easily integrate it into your daily communications:
1. email signature
2. business cards
3. email marketing / newsletters
4. social media
5 website
6. any advertising that you do, ever

I think you get the idea? Your brand should be as consistent as your business name. Your brand should become an easily recognizable identification of your business.

But why?

I’m going to explain something about your brand that you have never heard before. In fact, you may have heard something like this and never really understood it. Your brand can significantly impact how people find you, which impacts your SEO, which impacts your marketing dollars. Let me break this thought down.

When you first start a business there is a lot of spending up front. Part of this spending is marketing to get your business into the world, gain some traction, and make some money. The more successful your marketing is, the less you need to spend on your marketing. For smaller businesses especially it can be a long road to get to this point but bear with me.

Let me use a basic example. When you decide to purchase a present for your mom you first decide on what you’re going to buy her. In most cases, consumers shop at their favorite stores. So once you decide you are going to buy her a nice dress, you might automatically start looking at because that’s one of your favorite stores. It’s one of mine too! Now, how much marketing did Target have to do to get you to think about buying the dress from them? None. They didn’t have to do any marketing because you are already a loyal customer. When you get online you type into your browser and go directly to their website. You don’t need to look around, you don’t need to search for them, you know exactly what you’re doing! This is branding at it’s best.

Obviously Target has a huge marketing plan and likely a huge marketing budget. But they are one of the thousands of examples I could use. Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Publix, Zales, Coke and the list goes on. The better the marketing, eventually the less money you will spend to reach your market.

Applying Branding to SEO and Google Ads

Before I bring this article to and end, I want to briefly discuss how your brand effects marketing tools like SEO and Google Ads. When a website is being visited often their relevancy score goes up. A relevancy score is something Google assigns to your website that helps them determine your ranking on a result page. So for example, if I typed into Google “formal black dress”, I would see a mix of paid ads and organic results. The organic results are there because their website has a high relevancy score for my search. Their website is related to what I’m looking for. And in some cases, this is much better than paying for an ad. Because while the ads may be at the top of the page, the first two organic positions still have higher conversion rates.

Speaking of Google ads, your relevancy score impacts those as well. When you create an ad campaign in Google ads, you have to choose a max bid for your campaign. Even if your max bid is lower than your competitor, if your relevancy score is higher, then your ad will be shown first. In this case, your relevancy score could result in higher conversions for less money.

I know this topic can get complicated very quickly so I’ll stop while you’re still with me. The point is, your brand is important. Not just because everyone says so. Successful branding will literally save you money. Ready to create a brand strategy? Give Nixx Media a call.

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