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Why Boutique Marketing Agencies Are Better Than Big Ones

Why Boutique Marketing Agencies Are Better Than Big Ones

On February 15, 2019, Posted by , In Blog, Marketing Advice

Nixx Media is a boutique marketing agency in Tampa Bay which offer a variety of digital marketing services. And while Nixx Media is fairly small, we have the results and testimonials to prove we know what we’re doing. However, we have encountered some businesses who don’t truly understand the benefits of working with a boutique marketing agency over big ones.

If you are searching for a marketing firm to help you with your marketing, then you are already heading down the right path. This is a huge step for you and one you won’t regret. Choosing the right marketing agency to work with is an important step for any diligent business owner. Here are some advantages you will want to consider as you continue your research.

Exceptional Communication

Nixx Media has a small team, each person dedicated to a specific scope of work. As a result clients do not get passed around from person to person, receiving different answers to the same question. Most clients have a dedicated contact person and will always be in communication with one person.

A small team like ours also means less chances for miscommunication between team members. For a client who many need to speak with a team member other than their dedicated person, you can be sure our entire team is up-to-date on your account. As a small team we are always in communication with each other with less layers of team members to work through.

Quick Response / Turnaround Time

With larger companies their turnaround times can vary from long, to very long. If you’re not getting a response within 48 business hours then we’re not doing our job. Nixx Media’s goal is to turn-around any responses within 24 business hours. And the truth is, we’re pretty good at it.

In addition, larger companies will usually only offer one or two forms of communication. Having options is important to our clients. You can reach us via email, call, text, Skype, GChat, or just about any platform that is your preference. And you have our cell number so don’t have to worry about missing us if you need us after 5 pm.


Individuals who work in small marketing agencies tend to be younger and have more freedom to express their creativity. As a result, you don’t really have one person working on your account. You have an entire team collaborating, brainstorming and working together to market your business successfully.

A smaller agency also means we can hire for talent and not for numbers. Because we are methodical about who we work with, we establish our talent is a good fit for our clients. This is important to make sure we are successful in what we do and who we work with. In a larger firm, office politics and hierarchy can play a role, in many cases, a distraction away from the end goal. Obviously, this is not guaranteed to be the case with every big agency, but is much more likely in that environment.

Price / Budget

This might be a glaring contrast. But, I think it’s important to break down exactly what the difference is between a small marketing agency and a large one in comparison to your budget. Larger overheads means more money coming out of the bottom line. And how do you think they are going to make up for it? With what they charge you. Someone has to pay for the building, the people, the technology, etc. Should that be you?

Nixx Media offers one thing many other companies don’t – budge flexibility. We understand all small businesses, especially start-ups, are confined within a restricted budget. And you need your budget to go as far as possible. Simply put, that’s our goal. We want to work with you and we’re willing to find unique ways to offer you the same great service and great results at a price you can afford. Can large companies say the same thing?

Are you ready to take the next step? We are! We want to hear all about you and your dreams and goals. We want to work with you! Contact Nixx Media for a free consultation and let’s take the first step on your amazing journey.

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