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5 Easy Secrets to Boost Your Business

As 2016 is approaching the last quarter quickly, I thought I would share a few secrets to boost your business and skyrocket your third and fourth quarter! There have been a few notable changes in social media, email marketing, website development, and digital marketing overall this year. Some of these…

How to Optimize Your Blog

On May 11, 2016, Posted by In Blog, SEO

You don’t have to be a SEO expert to optimize the content on your website, especially if you have a blog. Many people enjoy writing a blog, whether it’s for fun or to add content to their website, but the real benefit of a blog is search engine optimization (SEO)….

SEO in 2016

On November 18, 2015, Posted by In Blog, Marketing Strategy, SEO

As the 2015 year comes to a close with less than 2 months left, many of use are already looking forward into 2016. By the third quarter you are analyzing your marketing, yearly sales, and changes you plan on making to improve the next year. Your SEO should definitely be…

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