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Twitter means Big Business!

Twitter means Big Business!

On September 20, 2016, Posted by , In Blog, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing

Did you know Twitter means big business? It is one of the most overlooked social media platforms but recently, that has been changing. Businesses are starting to see the benefits of using Twitter, and it’s not just to share celebrity gossip or be a crazed fan. From boosting your SEO to growing your connections, the benefits of Twitter are significant.

Why Twitter?

Twitter has been one of those social media platform that is different from the others. You are allowed 140 characters to let the world know what you’re thinking. As we become a digitized world it is important to expand your connections quickly. Twitter is one of the social media platforms where that is possible. Business Insider stated it perfectly saying, “Anyone that is trying to build a brand, it is as simple as you tweet, people follow, and your network grows.”

SEO from Twitter

SEO (search engine optimization) is a powerful marketing tool. Twitter can be used to optimize your SEO to benefit your business’ account. According to, there are many ways to boost your SEO using your Twitter account, some quite easy that you can do yourself. The power of SEO is also determined by the accounts that you are following, making sure accounts aren’t fake or spam, and having high-quality followers. Increasing SEO allows Google to rank your business higher and opens the possibility for customers to find your brand.

Twitter is good for your Business

Coming from Twitter themselves, businesses can use this platform to expand their reach with new and existing customers. Using Twitter can help businesses provide timely customer service, increase brand awareness, and grow your network. It has also been one of the biggest influences on customer service because customers can be helped with their issue or a business can share updates in real time! Twitter allows you to participate in conversations directly with your audience.

As you can tell from this article, social media platforms, like Twitter, can improve your business! Twitter means big business when you know how to use it. Twitter is becoming bigger than ever so don’t leave your business behind! If you are in need of help with boosting your digital marketing, contact us and you can take advantage of our free consultation!


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