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Marketing Formula for your specific Business

Marketing Formula for your specific Business

On February 8, 2017, Posted by , In Blog, Marketing Strategy

It’s a new year and that means a new marketing strategy! Yet again, the beast of marketing falls upon you and you greet the task with a *sigh*. Well, I’m here to help. At least I hope I can help you – specifically you. Because what I’ve come to realize as I have helped many businesses get a grasp on their marketing strategies, and while there are various marketing formulas you can choose from, is the marketing plan still isn’t working. Yes, marketing formulas do work, but only when implemented properly. Which means if your marketing strategy isn’t working maybe you’re just not implementing it correctly? Or maybe you haven’t customized the formula enough for your specific business. Maybe your formula is just too generic. Is this starting to sound familiar? Have you asked yourself these questions before?

My next blog series will be on specific marketing strategies and how to implement them for specific businesses. I will touch on various industries, sometimes even specific business platforms, throughout this next series. I’ve mentioned marketing formulas because essentially, that’s what you need to start with. And I have the perfect analogy for your marketing formula!

Think of your marketing formula like a recipe. Let us use my favorite food to make, chocolate cake. Yes, cake is food. There are a ton of chocolate cake recipes! If you scour the internet there will be no end in sight as to the amount of recipes claiming to be the best chocolate cake recipe you will ever find! But the truth is, every person’s palette is very different and what you might find to be exceptional, another will find to be mediocre. So this is really about you. Specifically, this is about your business. You have to take the recipe and customize it to your business’ palette. My chocolate cake recipe happens to include espresso and caramel syrup. Yes it is delectable.

Nixx Media’s marketing formula is a base which I have customized with social media marketing strategies, email marketing strategies, email automation, and more. So it’s time for you to do the same. In my next few blogs I will discuss formulas and then specifically talk about how to customize these formulas for specific markets. You won’t want to miss them so make sure you’re following Nixx Media or sign up for our newsletters!

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