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How to Recover your Organic Reach on FB

How to Recover your Organic Reach on FB

On August 4, 2016, Posted by , In Blog, Human Interest

Facebook’s new algorithm change launched last month and there is no surprise it has some negative side effects. Businesses and their online communities will be seeing this change through a decrease in their organic reach. How convenient for us that FB has made a change to “increase a user’s experience” that coincidentally happens to require more use of their paid advertising for businesses who use FB. According to Contently, the move doesn’t come as a total shock. Research by SocialFlow earlier this month found that the reach of publisher stories had already dropped by 42%. That number is pretty significant and means that publishers and businesses will now have to pay for online traffic.

Have no fear, we have come up with a list of 5 ways to help bring back your organic growth to its promising numbers in addition to using their paid advertising features:

Friend-ing your Followers

Friend any followers you have online that are engaged with your content. Anyone you have on your site that is liking or commenting on your content is definitely interested in your posts. Making the effort and investing the time to friend your interactive audience will absolutely work to your advantage. In addition, you may find that some of the users who are engaging with your content hasn’t already liked your page. In that case you can also increase your page likes when you invite them to like the page after “friend-ing” them.

Use Modern Conent

Modern and trendy content will get more interest. Get on board with topics people are engaging with the most. Currently, video based content is the hot trend. Video content allows a viewer to be entertained and engaged more than a regular post. A good example of how videos are used to engage with an audience is Buzzfeed — they always incorporate short, concise and entertaining videos when they post their content, which is what viewers want.

Be proactive with Ads

Even though paying for ads may not be your first priority, at the end of the day, ads do tend to pay off. Especially now in a time when the organic reach numbers are dropping steadily. You will get much more engagement using this method and even though it does come at a cost, it will get you back to where you want to be with your reach.

Use the Preferred Audience Tab

The preferred audience tab can be found when you are creating a post on Facebook and it is extremely useful to figure out which people will actually care about your content. You can target people in a certain area, a certain demographic, and just by their interests in general. It’s extremely successful and would allow you to reach the people that would be of most interest to you.

Quality over Quantity

Don’t think for a second that the more you post on Facebook, the better, because that is a myth. A couple (max 3) of really good, quality posts daily will trump a lot of not so good posts any day. So just remember.. quality always beats quantity.

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