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How does social media marketing really affect your SEO?

How does social media marketing really affect your SEO?

On October 28, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, Social Media Marketing

As a marketing consultant I get asked this question all the time! But it usually sounds like “How does social media marketing¬†really affect my SEO?” As a marketing expert I will always recommend a client to include social media marketing in their overall social media plan. The problem is the effects that social media have on a marketing plan is usually poorly understood.

I’ve always thought the most important disclaimer one could ever hear is: because Google has never, and will never, disclose their algorithms there is now way to prove that one factor has a direct influence over domain authority. That being said, there are great reports available to you that will help determine what is effecting your website traffic and give you great opportunity to improve your process.

From a correlation perspective, basically the more shares / activity you have on your social media platforms the better effect your social media will have on your rankings. The goal for your social media marketing is not just to “be activity” but it’s to gain reach. Reach means “how many people are you actually reaching on your social media?” It’s not longer about how many likes you have on Facebook, in fact your likes make very little difference! Don’t be fooled. Likes do not equal reach or engagement.

In social media marketing quality is always more important than quantity! To get the high reach you are looking for you must be pushing out quality and attractive content for your target audience. If you have to sacrifice quality for quantity, you’ve got it twisted. If you can only post on your social media twice a week but you are posting great content you’ll get much more reach and benefit!

My favorite answer to this question is this: brand visibility and website traffic generation. If you are reaching a lot of people, as in putting your brand directly in front of their eyes, then you are getting brand visibility! Statistics show it takes one person to see a brand online at least thirteen times before they start to register the brand and recognize it. Thirteen times! In which case you should probably be posting on your social media more than twice a week (try everyday!). I hope this article helped to answer your question, or at least start to. Contact us if you want more information, we’re happy to explain it in more detail and help you determine if you need help with your social media marketing.

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