Get more twitter followers and stop being lazy!

Get more Twitter followers and stop being lazy!

Get more Twitter followers and stop being lazy!

For celebrity’s, gaining twitter followers is as easy as making an account.  However, for the rest of the world’s twitter users, you’re going to have to put in the time and effort if you want to get more twitter followers and stop being lazy!  According to Forbes, the secret to building an initial following on twitter is to make it your top priority for a month or two, double down and create lots of content.  So, what are some of the best methods to accomplish this?

Utilize your existing network

There are many people in your network who have twitter and are just waiting to follow you but don’t even know that you have an account.  Connect with these people!  Sync your email, LinkedIn, and phone contact lists with Twitter to make the most out of your existing network.

Schedule your tweets in advance

You probably already have a lot of stuff going on in your life which can make it inconvenient to constantly post tweets.  There are many free and cost-efficient scheduling tools such as Hootsuite that allow you to schedule your posts in advance so that you save time, while also providing a steady flow of content so you can build your following.

Engage with your followers

If your followers are responding to your tweets and not getting responses in return, chances are, they will lose interest and stop following you.  According to Twitter, you can maintain a loyal following by interacting with your followers in relevant conversations.

Promote your Twitter Account

Most people are not just going to stumble upon your twitter while surfing the net.  Promote your Twitter account by adding a follow button on your website, adding your @username to your business card, or on marketing materials!

Follow Twitter’s recommendations

Following people with similar interests and views will allow you to reach more people and gain a bigger following.  In the #Discover section of your dashboard,  Twitter recommends who you should follow.  Take these recommendations and act on them!

If you really buckle down for a month or two and use these five tips, you will get more Twitter followers.  Too busy to grow your following and keep up with posting? Contact us to help you!  We offer complete social media management so you don’t have to stress over it.




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