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Affects of Facebook’s New Algorithm

Affects of Facebook’s New Algorithm

According to, a couple of weeks ago, Facebook’s news feed published Facebook’s new algorithm which is now prioritizing family and friends over those of publishers. So how exactly is this change affecting Facebook business pages?

Friends and Family First

Personal Facebook users may not notice a difference in their news feed but business facebook users would. According to NY Times, this algorithm change will affect everything they (NY Times) post completely. From links, to videos, to photos, the traffic publishers used to gain on their content will decrease significantly. With a whopping 40% of publisher traffic coming from users on Facebook, you can’t blame them for panicking.

Nicola Mendelsohn, Vice President of Facebook for Europe, says that in coming years Facebook will be “all video.” As interesting as that sounds, publishers aren’t all too thrilled. The profit you make off of Facebook videos is significantly less than links or photos. Why? Because publishers end up investing too much in the video content, so the profit is not as high. Considering how much money and time it takes to create a video and edit that video, the investment is significantly higher than using a photo. According to past charts, publishers are posting more and more videos, while photo and linked posts are dropping steadily. If you were ever curious about what FB Values were and how they are applied to the FB feed, you can see them here.

Reach will be down

Since FB will be promoting posts and pictures of family and friends over business, that means overall reach is going to be down. If overall reach is down then FB advertising will more than likely go up.
According to Melissa Bell, vice president of growth at Vox Media, Facebook, at the end of the day, is a place where people want to share things that matter to them, whether it’s a news story or their child walking.” Most people do check their Facebook feed to keep up with their friends and family which unfortunately, is not the best news for smaller publishers. A lot of smaller publishers have already reported a huge decrease in page views — not because of their content, but because of the new Facebook change.

With these new changes every business will need to evaluate, and possibly change, their social media marketing strategy. Including more advertising, boosts, and shares to make up for the low reach will be a necessity. While FB claims this change is to cater to their users it may hurt FB business users in the long run.

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