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5 Easy Secrets to Boost Your Business

5 Easy Secrets to Boost Your Business

On August 16, 2016, Posted by , In Blog, Marketing Strategy, SEO, Social Media Marketing

As 2016 is approaching the last quarter quickly, I thought I would share a few secrets to boost your business and skyrocket your third and fourth quarter! There have been a few notable changes in social media, email marketing, website development, and digital marketing overall this year. Some of these tips are specific to certain areas of digital marketing. Some of these tips refer to specific platforms. All of these tips are simple, easy-to-use methods that will help you boost your business.

Less is More in Email Marketing

You may have already noticed many businesses switching to basic HTML in their email distributions. Basic HTML refers to simple text. That means no fancy fonts, big images, colorful buttons, etc. Studies have shown and proven that basic text makes your recipients feel like you are having a conversation with them vs. a template email makes your recipients feel more like they are being marketed to. If there was ever a time to revise or implement your email marketing strategy, it’s now.

An Easy Trick for FB

Don’t worry about FB’s algorithm change. You may have noticed your reach or engagement declining as a result to their newly launched algorithm. A very simple and easy method is to invite users who have already engaged with you to like your page. Any person who has liked, commented, shared, or reacted to your post can also receive an invitation from you to like your FB page and become a follower. Most people who have engaged with you is already interested in your page and is very likely to accept your invitation. This is an easy method to growing your FB interaction.

Using FB for Re-targeting

One of the most under-utilized FB feature is their ability to re-target your audience. The two best features for re-targeting is their custom audience creation and creating an audience using your email list. The first method is to use a pixel (line of code) on a specific page on your website and build an audience from the visitors. The second method is to upload your email list in which FB searches for and finds those emails on FB and creates a custom audience for you. Both methods are very effective and easy to do. Get instructions for both here!

Twitter for Conversation

You can literally start a conversation with anyone on Twitter. No matter their location, industry, or otherwise. This means you should be searching for your target audience on Twitter and speaking to them directly. NOT sending them a message – that’s different and is likely to be ignored. Instead, use the @ to tag them in a post and start a conversation with them. Business is built on relationships, and so is Twitter.

Organizing your Environment

A trending topic on Pinterest this year has been designing your work-space. I think the reason this topic became so notable is because so often business professionals learn to work in a messy or unorganized environment. Actually liking your work environment may not even seem like a possibility, much less designing a work-space. This year I decided to design my work-space and, as studies have shown, my productivity increased. Sometimes a subtle changes and a little organization is all you need to rejuvenate your mind. Pinterest is a great place to start looking for some new work-space design ideas!

As I said at the beginning, these secrets are simple methods but they are effective! Take some time to implement these secrets to boost your business and share your results with me. If you have any tricks of your own share them with us in the comments below. And of course, if you are ever in need of help with your digital marketing then take advantage of our free consultation!

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