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Well, in case you haven’t already guessed it, that cute cartoon girl to the left isn’t actually me! She is a representation of who I am and how I work. I believe in data, refined skills, fun and creativity. And I believe everyone can successfully market their business, given the right digital marketing tools!

When last did you feel like work was fun?

When last did you truly feel creative? Innovative?

When last did you have extra time? Yea, I said extra.

What you don’t need is more work. And I’m betting you don’t need anything that will take you away from spending time with your family, friends or living your life.

I’m not here to give you more work.

In fact, I want to give you more time.

I don’t believe in throwing things to the wall to see what sticks. So everything I do in digital marketing is backed by data.

Market research, testing, and experience.

That means faster and better results.

And speaking of personal experience, read below to see how I got started!

If you’re interested in the full back story of how my business came to be, keep reading! If you’ve read everything you need to and you’re ready to get help with your business, contact us here.

Nixx Media is a boutique digital marketing firm based in Tampa, Florida. We specialize in social media marketing, with an emphasis on Facebook.

I started my business in January 2014. Everything I have done has significantly evolved since I first opened my (virtual) doors. After I graduated from George Mason University with a B.A. in Communication I went straight into the world of marketing. I absolutely loved my first job working with an awesome small business – an electrical company. Who knew an electrical business needed marketing?

Spoiler alert: All businesses need marketing!

After working with them for a year my eldest sister had her first baby. Pretty exciting for me as a first-time aunt. However, extremely scary when you’re 900 miles away from home and find out that your brand new niece was rushed to the NICU because she had a seizure. Two weeks later she was still in the NICU and I was on a plane headed that way. This was a turning point for me. Seeing my family pull together during this very stressful time, and not knowing what to expect of this beautiful little girl, should she make it through, I knew I needed to move back home after this visit.

After six weeks in the NICU, my niece Saraya went home a beautiful and healthy girl. Three weeks later, after much praying and contemplation, I moved back to Tampa, FL.

Now, here is where my story gets really honest.

I was blessed with a new position as Marketing Director for an excellent law firm in Tampa. And I hated it. Four months in and I knew this wasn’t the job for me.

Now, I’m not a quitter. So the plan was to just stick it out and see where it might lead. Mind you, in the legal world there is barely any room for creativity in marketing because the profession is so strictly restricted.

After on year in the position I met someone who was a freelancer in social media marketing. At the time, social media marketing had only just started to really find a demand in business and many were taking advantage of the need. So why not me? After all, I absolutely loved social media marketing, the demand of creativity was exactly my cup of tea, and I knew I could be successful.

Long story short, (or long story long), what was supposed to be freelancing on the side turned into a successful small business in a matter of months. Do you know why? Because my strategies work. Because I understand how to get results. And also because I love it!

Our goal at Nixx Media is to use tailored digital marketing strategies to help you build your business. We believe you can be good at a lot of things or really great at one thing, we choose to be really great at online marketing.

So here I am. Four years later and have now developed what I believe is my best product yet!

The one common factor I have found among the many clients I’ve worked with, is small business owners want to do social media.

They want to learn but they believe they don’t have the time or it’s just too much work.

So what I’ve developed is not only a training course on “how to” social media marketing.

I’ve created a course on how to do it all in only one hour a week! It’s my best seller. Gee I wonder why…

social media marketing

I don’t know what brought you here but I’m glad you found Nixx Media! And I hope I can help you find what you’re looking for.

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