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online marketing


Online (Digital) Marketing is usually the first impression your business will give to a prospective client or customer. Online Marketing is your website, your SEO, your social media; basically your entire online presence. An online presence has multiple components and our goal is to analyze your online presence to make sure it is working together and not against each other. Are all of your brands across all online platforms consistent? Is your website optimized for mobile phones? Are your social media platforms connected with your website? If not, then Online Marketing is the service you need! Contact us for more detail on what is included with our Online Marketing.


online marketing


Nixx Media will take the time to analyze your digital footprint. This means not only reviewing your website, but researching any areas online that your brand or company has a footprint. We go beyond your social media and your website to see what is working together, what isn’t, and what should be. At the end of our research we present you with a full report on what we found and our recommendations for changes to make your digital footprint more impactful


online marketing

What makes you special:

Every brand and company has a unique digital footprint! You might be surprised where your brand shows up, sometimes in places you never knew. Monitoring your presence is an essential task in making sure your brand is always reflecting an accurate image of your company and often our recommendations to improve this sect of your company has a great impact on your reputation.

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