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Identify Target Audience


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Despite where you are located it is important to know where your target audience is located, your key demographic, and the most effective way to reach them. Have you ever looked at the demographics in your surrounding area? Did you know that these demographics can play a very important role in your marketing plan and budget for a local business? If you haven’t done your market research then let us do it for you. We will provide you with a full demographic report that will also include competitor’s successful marketing strategies that you can implement into your own marketing plan. Contact us for more detail on what is included with this service.


target audience


At Nixx Media we take the time to research your key demographic so we can understand and use the most effective methods to reach your target audience. No matter what platforms you want to use in your marketing plan, no matter how large or small your target audience is, and no matter where you or your business is located, we will do all the market research necessary to ensure the marketing campaign we create for you is effective because it is data driven.


target audience

What makes you special:

Every business has a specific audience. Your business goals, your branding goals, and your marketing goals are all built around your audience. No message is effective if the message isn’t received so we take the time to make sure your audience is going to receive your message! Our market research is tailored specifically for you.

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