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Why people don’t like your website

Why people don’t like your website

On October 22, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, Marketing Advice

Do you wonder why people don’t like your website? Have you been struggling with your website traffic? Maybe you have a great website, lots of visuals, great content, and it’s updated! Kudos to you. However, while those things are important, are you aware of the most popular complaints users have about websites that could quickly turn them away, causing them to contribute to your bounce rate instead of your engagement and user %? Here they are and here are my tips on how you can fix them!

#1: The truly most popular complaint about a website and why people will just as quickly exit the site as they entered it is your site loads to slowly! Yes, we live in this society with a generation with a very LOW attention span, and as a result the bar had been raised for efficiency. This is especially important for your website. Causes for a website that loads slowly are almost always a “visuals” issue. You have too many visuals and they are not compressed (downsized) so when they load they take forever, or you could have conflicting visuals that are causing the whole site to load slowly because it’s waiting on one thing, or you have some “broken link” issues. Majority of the time your visuals are the culprit of a slow-loading site but the good news is it can be an easy fix! Simply re-uploading the visual after making sure it has been compressed properly and checking to make sure all links are not broken and working together could make a huge difference and result in a higher user engagement %! You can look for other possible reasons causing your site’s slowness here.

#2: Your website is not mobile friendly. At this point you should know that Google rolled out their “mobile-friendliness” standard basically forcing all websites to become mobile friendly as it will effect your rankings. Considering over 51% of people access a website from their mobile phone (we know it’s much higher than 51%) then you should definitely make sure your website is mobile friendly! There are two very easy ways you can check to make sure it is: 1. Go to your website from your own mobile phone and see what it looks like. Is it easy to navigate? Easy to read? Does it still look like your website? 2. You can use Google’s handy dandy checker.¬†

#3: A really big reason why people might not like your website is your lack of visuals. If your website is very content heavy with little graphics or pictures to aid the content then you are more likely to have a person “bounce off” your site instead of engaging with it. Yes, people are lazy and they don’t like to read a lot so it’s your job to make your message as easy as possible to receive without the person having to do a lot of work. A person should be able to enter your website (via whichever page you direct them to) and receive your message after only skimming your page. This is an easy fix, add some pictures to your site and rearrange (or delete) some content.

#4: If your website is outdated it does one of two things: 1. Forces the person on your website to wonder if your business is still even in business or 2. it annoys them and they exit. There are few things more annoying than going to website only to call an outdated number, email a contact that bounces back, or find the address and then drive to that location only to find it is wrong! Don’t let this happen. Take a few minutes¬†or even a day, whatever you need, and update the information on your website. This includes your contact information, your services, your prices, etc.

#5: I could put a cherry on top of this last one as not to hurt anyone’s feelings but many times I find it best to be forward instead of beating around the bush. If your website is old and ugly people are not going to engage with it. (How dare I call your website old and ugly?!) The truth is the website designs available today are so magnificent that they make your website look old (or ugly). It’s not that your website is either, but remember that you are competing with ALOT of competition. Your website should always be your best foot forward! Your website is your online business card. No, it is your online face. Put on a pretty face! Many times this can be done with small changes instead of a big overhaul. Talk to a designer to get some ideas and make sure your website is reflecting the image you want your business to have.

I hope these tips were helpful and informative! Remember, Nixx Media offers a FREE consultation to discuss any marketing issues you might be facing. We are always happy to help whether it be through guidance or through our services. Contact us anytime!

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