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What’s the story behind Instagram?

What’s the story behind Instagram?

On June 25, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, Social Media Marketing

According to CNN, Instagram has 300 million active users and counting, making it bigger than Twitter! This social media network allows you to share photos and videos, edit the content, and connect with users in “real time”. Instagram continues to gain new users and attention so it becomes increasingly important to understand the story behind Instagram. Before you begin using Instagram, it’s crucial to discover the history behind the name. So, what exactly is Instagram?

Why was Instagram created?

The founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, had a goal to allow people to “share their life on the go”. They were working on a project titled ‘Burbn’ that focused on mobile photography with location awareness. However, it wasn’t quite right. They recalled contemplating, “How are we going to evolve this product into something millions of people will want to use?” After multiple tweaks, Instagram was born!

Why did Instagram become popular?

Instagram was developed during the exponential increase of smartphone usage. This app targeted younger users on their phone, which allowed their platform to be easily accessible through their mobile device. Instagram was a trailblazer in establishing a platform that was solely picture driven after Pinterest’s success. Users were able to download and experiment with this new and innovative platform. Did we mention it’s free?!

How are businesses utilizing Instagram?

Instagram can be used for business or play. This platform is the perfect marketing tool to establish brand recognition, increase awareness, and create engagement. Users can use hashtags to connect to their target audience and gain followers. By posting images, users are able to display their products and services. Instagram is able to connect to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to maximize your exposure. Another useful tool is creating contests that involve your followers-it can significantly boost engagement!

If you’re interested in learning how YOU can market your business on Instagram, take advantage of our free consultation. At Nixx Media, we aim to provide our clients with the results they want and need. Stay tuned for our blog next week on how to use Instagram!





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