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How Twitter can be big business!

How Twitter can be big business!

On May 28, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, Social media advertising

Twitter is the most convenient platform to discover what’s currently happening across the globe, post personalized content in real time, and engage with numerous people and businesses. This marketing tool allows your business to post or ‘tweet’ statuses, hashtag, mention users, and discover trending topics. With over 300 million active users, and 500 million daily tweets, this platform is ideal for your business to attract and connect with potential customers. So, how would Twitter be beneficial for your business?

Low Cost Marketing

Marketing strategies can become excessively costly, but Twitter is a free social media platform that offers features to market at low costs. Twitter allows you to create and manage an account for free with the options to pay relatively small fees for promoting your tweets or account through their advertising features! These low cost options are designed to target potential customers and increase your follower count which means better target marketing.

Research Trends and Content

Twitter allows you to search for content and discover relevant material according to your interests. This platform can be used to view the trending hot topics, material relevant to the products and services you offer, and view discussion concerning your brand and competitors. This powerful tool can be used to search terms that target your ideal customer’s interests which increases the likelihood that they will be interested in your company giving them the opportunity to discover your brand.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Your followers are able to view your updates and respond in real time. This allows your business to take advantage of the constantly updating site and tweak your efforts according to your follower’s feedback. According to a Market Probe International survey, 72% of people are more likely to make a future purchase after an interaction on Twitter. It’s important to engage and keep your potential customers happy!

Generate Website Traffic

Once you have a substantial amount of followers and you begin posting about your website you will find your website traffic increasing. You will be able to post an attractive description and link to your website in order to captivate your followers’ attention. Your twitter following can be converted into website traffic which can increase your business activity. Remember, your followers have an interest in your company, all they need is a little push!

Increase Brand Recognition

According to a Social Media Marketing University survey, 79% of businesses utilize Twitter to boost brand recognition. It’s important to actively post on this real time platform in order to maintain your presence. Your followers will become accustomed to viewing your activity which will increase your brand recognition. People prefer to buy from brands they can trust and identify with. If you increase your brand recognition, your followers will most likely remember your company when they are considering a purchase.

At Nixx Media we are always here to give you great information, help, and guidance on how to improve your business’ communication skills, especially through digital platforms. If you’re interested in our help, take advantage of our FREE 30 minute consultation to see if we can help manage your social media accounts!


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