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Tweets now show up in Google

Tweets now show up in Google

On September 14, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, SEO, Social Media Marketing

If you haven’t heard your tweets now may show up in Google search results. Google and Twitter struck a deal that makes tweets more searchable, allowing them to appear in search results when a user is searching on their desktop. If you missed this news you might have noticed some changes in Twitter, but don’t worry, because as always, you can opt to “protect your tweets” so they don’t show up Google search results. More importantly let’s talk about why they even decided to implement this new feature.

According to Twitter, live and current tweets will allow searches to find current information about the topic of their choosing. Partly this new feature will also allow more users to get more followers if their tweets show up in search results. We’ll have to wait to see if that really happens. Considering “news” is the highest ranked category for Twitter use I can understand how this though developed and the impact it can have. With specific Tweets being a part of your search you might be able to find very specific information quicker and easier. Interested in seeing what kind of tweets will show up? Check out these 14 examples¬†of what you can expect to see!

I think the most interesting factor of this new feature is how job recruiters will use these searches to research potential employees. They already use FB and search for your online social media profiles, we all know that. There’s simply no getting away from the accessibility that is now given to us by the Internet. Some employees even require you to give them your social media links for their research. Does your tweet really make a difference? I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this new feature!

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