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Tired of talking about SEO?

Tired of talking about SEO?

On September 1, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, SEO

I wish I could say I was tired of talking about SEO but unfortunately your website rankings play too big of a role on your business to stop talking about it…so here we go again! From what is changing, what you should be focusing on, and what you can do to improve on your SEO, we’re going to touch on all of it just a little.

Your SEO Focus:

You should all know by now that SEO was ONCE focused on link building which took a nosedive a few years ago. Now the main focus for SEO is keyword building and content, except now we’re seeing a switch with the emphasis being on content. Your business may not change, your address and phone number may not change, but your content should. Remember to update the content on your website at least once a year. Just a quick review to make sure the current information isn’t stale. Having a blog also helps keep the content on the website revolving and can significantly increase your SEO and website rankings. At the end of the day good URLs are equivalent to 1,000 words so don’t skip out on them.

Also don’t forget about your loading time! If your website pages aren’t loading in 15 seconds or less you may want to have that checked out. 15 seconds sounds low but people are impatient so there’s nothing you can do about it except to make sure your website pages are optimized and very mobile friendly.

Check on your SEO Campaign:

It doesn’t take long for a working SEO campaign to go stale and stop producing results. Clients are constantly asking me how they can make sure their SEO is running smoothly and I tell them all the same thing – ask your customers. No feedback will be more important than your clients’ and customers feedback so make sure you’re asking them how they like or use your website, if they use it, etc. Your clients are the ones who matter anyways and are helping pave your path to future clients. People love to have their opinions heard so you won’t be bothering them by asking, most are happy to give you feedback!

Tools you can use:

Squirrly is a plugin you can use on each post to do keyword research. This plugin is easy to use and effective in helping you find good keywords for your post which is important to measuring the success of the post.

Don’t forget to use Google Trends as well. Anytime you can talk about what everyone else is talking about you can ride the wave of attraction and use it to your own benefit to score some attraction. Consider it free publication for your brand!







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