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What Instagram can do for your Business

What Instagram can do for your Business

On July 2, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, Social media advertising

Instagram continues to establish its social media presence as a popular growing social media tool. This platform is not only used by casual users (individuals), but also utilized by businesses . As a small business, you’re always searching and discovering ways to successfully grow your reach. In order to develop your own Instagram strategy, it’s important to analyze the success of all types of businesses that implemented their own Instagram strategy. Let’s take a look!

McDonald’s and Instagram

This iconic business had a goal that targeted people over 18 years old. McDonald’s decided to launch their Instagram strategy in the summer due to increased mobile activity. The decision to launch in the summer influenced their decision of posts – sunbathing, paddling, and beach activities. Instead of directly advertising their products, McDonald’s chose to subtly incorporate their trademarked colors red and yellow. Their efforts paid off when their brand favorability increased 4% and ad lift recall increased 47%. Wow, that’s an impressive and well crafted strategy that certainly paid off!

DAVIDsTEA and Instagram

This small business began in Montreal, Quebec and sells a variety of tea products. This business is active on Instagram and declared their major goal was to increase engagement and exposure. In order to achieve their desired results, the company chose to feature recipes, contests, fan and staff content, promotional posts, and recurring posts. DAVIDsTEA believes it’s important to stay “fresh” and post content that is seemingly natural and engaging for their users. This business responds to every comment and creates unique conversation that incorporates playful tones. This style of interacting with customers enables the business to connect genuinely and make a lasting impact. DAVIDsTEA received a 95% customer service rating on social media. They seem to know what they’re doing!

Camp Brand Goods and Instagram

This small retail business reflects the owner’s outdoorsy lifestyle. In order to express their brand’s lifestyle, they post photos of road trips, hiking, and fishing. They described their Instagram as “less about the product than it is about sharing the good times”. Instead, they are able to genuinely connect with users and create lasting followers that eventually turn into consumers. Camp Brand Goods marketing tool incorporates the #keepitwild hashtag while running a weekly t-shirt giveaway that chooses the user that is “caught keeping it wild”. This creates a community filled with outdoor enthusiasts and increases their brand reach. CBG really knows how to keep it casual while connecting with their followers!

These businesses crafted a strategy that perfectly fit their needs. It’s important to understand YOUR business’ needs and create a strategy that can provide those results. If you’re interested in taking advantage of Instagram’s benefits, contact us at Nixx Media to get a strategy created for you!





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