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How to Market Technology

How to Market Technology

On April 16, 2017, Posted by , In Blog, Marketing Strategy

63% of technology companies claim their top challenge is finding and developing new business. I have worked with a few individuals who have created a fantastic new piece of technology. They approach me when they are ready to launch, looking for guidance on how to market technology. I will say upfront that marketing technology is very difficult. There are many reasons why marketing technology is difficult but I want to highlight my main 2:

Competition is fierce

Competition in the technology field has always been very high. Let’s use applications as an example. When apps became popular in 2008, thanks to Apple, everyone wanted a piece of the action. Young adults in their 20’s were developing apps and selling them for thousands, hundreds of thousands, and sometimes even millions of dollars. The hardest part was getting noticed out of the thousands of other apps. Whoever had a good application, and stood out, benefited.

Technology can be boring

How dare I say that? People love technology! Especially Millennials. However, even if the mechanism does something really great the process behind it might be really boring to many or most users. Engineers are interested in how it works but laypeople are interested in the problem it solves. Customers simply want to know what’s in it for them and your answer will determine whether they buy it or not.

Prepare for the challenges

Now that you know the two biggest challenges you might face you can prepare for them. You know you need to stand out and you know you need to sell the benefit, not the process. Once you have identified your audience you can identify where your audience “lives”. By this I mean you need to find out where to market your product so that you can be in front of your target audience.

Unique Marketing Strategies

Your first two steps are out of the way. You know who you want to reach and you know where you need to be to reach them. Here are some unique marketing strategies to help you stand out from the crowd and sell your amazing product:

  • Explain why someone needs your product in the most brief explanation possible. When you go into the ER they first ask you to pin point your pain by choosing a smiley (or sad) face off the wall. That’s it. As brief and simple as possible.
  • Explain with a story. In addition to being brief you can also attempt to explain your product with a story. This is another attempt to steer away from content that might be considered boring or tricky. If it’s possible, personalize your story. How does it effect your life? How do you use it?
  • Find a marketing company you can rely on. Trusting your marketing guide is extremely important to successfully marketing your technology. Now is not the time to be cheap. Proper marketing is going to help you garner more business in the end.

We hope that you will consider Nixx Media a reliable and trustworthy company to help you with your marketing strategies. We love working with new technology companies, new innovations, product launches, and more! Give us a call today and let’s find out how we can help you.

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