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Don’t break up with Google Plus just yet!

Don’t break up with Google Plus just yet!

On August 25, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, Social Media Marketing

Google Plus tried hard. They really did, for a short time there, and then they evolved. Now Google plus is evolving again and while you might think it’s the right time to finally break up with Google Plus, we wouldn’t just yet! First we’ll go over the new changes and then we’ll tell you why you should hang on. Here are the upcoming changes you can expect to see in the next few months:

  • You will no longer be required to have a google plus account to have a youtube account
  • You will no longer need a google plus profile to make comments, reviews, edit pictures, etc.
  • Basically you won’t need a google plus profile for all the reasons you might have had one in the first place!

These 3 simple reasons might seem like all good reasons to break up with your google plus profile. Especially since you don’t really use it right? Except you’re wrong. Google plus is refining some of their better features in an effort to find their niche, even if they have to create it. One of the better features include their search features which allow you to search for people, groups, or pages using a specific topic or keyword. The updated Google plus platform will be more streamlined and focused on being a more useful and engaging social media platform. This will become very attractive for people who are passionate about specific topics and will be interested in talking about those topics with people are just as passionate. Think about Redditt, but a little different, obviously. So basically, don’t give up on using the platform just yet but you can definitely try using it differently because your target audience is on there and you definitely have an opportunity to connect with them.



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