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Blog to speak without talking

Blog to speak without talking

On June 11, 2015, Posted by , In Blog, Social media advertising

Blogging is a free marketing technique that simply costs your time. According to Hubspot, companies that manage a blog receive 97% more inbound link clicks than companies without a blog. That’s traffic that can be directed to your website to increase business activity! So, what exactly are the business benefits of writing and publishing a blog?

SEO Increases

In order to maintain a high website ranking it’s important to actively post content. If you are blogging consistently, you are feeding search engines new content and new keywords to index. This opens the door for potential customers to search keywords appearing within your blog and more importantly builds your visibility on search engine results pages.

Generate Website Traffic

It’s important to take advantage of your blog’s exposure and insert hyperlinks or “call to action buttons” to easily convert the traffic to your website. For example, if you have a clothing store and are detailing spring trends, it would be beneficial to link a section of your website that offers spring clothes. Your blog following can be converted into website traffic which can increase your business activity.

Connect With Potential Customers

Blogging offers the unique opportunity to connect with your readers on a personal level. A simple way to engage with your audience is to pose a question at the end of each blog and allow comments. If you create conversation by responding to comments, you will be able to build trust, gain insight, and connect with potential customers. Remember, people prefer to buy from brands that they can trust and identify with!

Establish A Following

Creating content relevant to your business allows your potential customers to receive answers to common questions. If you are providing helpful information, your readers will feel satisfied which increases the likelihood that they will return to your blog. It’s important to keep your readers satisfied and returning for more!

Long Term Results

If you publish a blog post, it will continue to you generate traffic over time. Let’s say you receive 75 views and 5 leads on the publishing date. On the second day, you receive an additional 30 views and 5 more leads due to it’s circulation on social media. Now your blog is ranking in search engines which allows your posts to appear in result pages and continue to garner views for months to come!

Running a blog offers many benefits for your business. However, it’s important to realize the tedious efforts that are required when consistently creating unique content for your blog. If you’re interested in the benefits that a blog can provide, but don’t have the time to manage it yourself, contact Nixx Media! We offer blogging services that creates and manages blog articles relevant to your business.


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