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Tired of talking about SEO?

On September 1, 2015, Posted by In Blog, SEO

I wish I could say I was tired of talking about SEO but unfortunately your website rankings play too big of a role on your business to stop talking about it…so here we go again! From what is changing, what you should be focusing on, and what you can do…

Don’t break up with Google Plus just yet!

On August 25, 2015, Posted by In Blog, Social Media Marketing

Google Plus tried hard. They really did, for a short time there, and then they evolved. Now Google plus is evolving again and while you might think it’s the right time to finally break up with Google Plus, we wouldn’t just yet! First we’ll go over the new changes and…

Your Favorite Platforms Are E commerce Friendly!

Social media is constantly evolving to accommodate the growing needs of the Business to Consumer (B2C) industry. Social media platforms were originally created to cater to networking, however these platforms are becoming e commerce friendly. It is becoming increasingly easier to generate sales from these social media platforms due to the recent…

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