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About Us

Nixx Media is a boutique digital marketing firm based in Tampa, Florida. We specialize in creating marketing plans for small businesses.

We serve local, national and international clients with various digital marketing services. Our services include Market Research, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Blogging, Analytics, and much more!

Are you a business owner that manages the sales, the accounting, the marketing, and just about everything else? Do you find yourself with too much on your plate and not enough time in the day? We work with business owners who need help with their marketing but can’t afford a full-time marketing person or marketing department. We stand in the gap. Our goal is to help you grow your business until you are able to afford a marketing person on your staff. And if you decide you never want to hire a full-time marketing person, that’s okay! We’ll grow with you.

Our goal at Nixx Media is to use tailored digital marketing strategies to help you build your business. We believe you can be good at a lot of things or really great at one thing, we choose to be really great at online marketing.

What makes us different? We take the time to learn and understand you, your business, and your business goals. Your marketing plan should match your business goals as well as be tailored to your specific audience. That’s what makes a marketing plan effective. This is our formula for your success!

We put heart and soul into every client we work with. We build a long-term relationship with each of our clients and with the great results we deliver, you won’t want to work with anyone else. Just check out our results! Digital advertising is the new billboard and we are your painters!

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